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We deconstructed the entire process of advertising communications, then put it back together in a…well, intelligent way. The result is automatic targeting, highly informed messaging, and conversion optimization. No more guesswork.


Our proprietary analysis methodology which leverages customer data with behavioral psychology to identify all of your potential customer clusters, and tells us exactly how to move their hearts to action.

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Imagine it: creative messaging that is based on the psychology of consumers, in language that resonates with their unique mindset, speaking to them as they want to be spoken to. Yep.


20th Century: advertise, hope consumers find their way to your stuff.

21st Century: Customer Creation. We measure success based on how much we improve your revenue—pure behavior, not vanity metrics. We optimize the entire customer journey all the way to purchase and beyond.


People don’t just see your ad and go buy your stuff; today, they research. We build what we call the Trust Base, where trust lives, branding happens, and decisions are made. This not only ensures consumers see messages that build trust for your brand, but also prevents them from going to your competitors.

About Manzanita

About Manzanita

MANZANITA’s founders spent decades on both the bridge and below decks of the largest ship in global advertising, and watched as the entrepreneurial imperative slowly drained from the industry as a whole.

After seeing countless well-known clients fail to generate revenue by way of aging methodology, shackled to a business model of decreasing relevance to the fundamentals of modern business, and yet through it all, have our campaigns be declared a triumphant success, like minds came together to forge Manzanita’s 21st Century model: Intelligent Marketing.

Change does not come easily and recognizing that targeting, creative, and strategy based purely on intuition in a digital era rich with data was both inefficient and irresponsible as expert marketers, on both agency and client sides.

We do not operate based on opinion, only substantiated facts. We’ll never say “I think this will work.” We will never argue that our ideas are “better.” We always have data to prove it.

We measure success only on revenue—your revenue, and we’ll guarantee performance.

We are the return to entrepreneurship. You are in business to make money. That’s what business is. We identify high-affinity groups of potential customers based on emotional state, psychology, and behavior data. Then we move their hearts through inspiring communication that is engineered based on how they wish to be addressed. That is entrepreneurial. We will never sit around and speculate on what kind of shoes some fictional male-skew target persona wears on Thursdays. We will tell you in the real world who your market is, then empower you sell to them with empirical precision.

John Wanamaker famously said: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. I just don’t know which half.”

We know.

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